Nick Duval-Smith

(some very) little paintings

Made while listening to 3 Max Gimblett interviews on Radio New Zealand.

card pimps 13-07-17

made at Wakamarina (Canvastown) today


moving mountains

An idea I’ve been working on, off and on for more than ten years now, in stone; finally realised in bronze for the first time.

This is a group of three free standing reliefs you can play with, to make landscapes.

little paintings: day and night

Made these this morning. They are 56mm high by 116 wide (ish). Acrylic ink on paper.



It’s quite fun to do very little paintings.

Down (looking up) and Up (looking down)


I had a go at a quatrefoil version of a mandala after listening to Kim Hill interview Max Gimblett. I got all excited about his work after understanding more about it (and the connections between our practices), and emailed him. He responded very kindly, and I hope to meet him later this year.


moving mountains

We dug these out of storage the other day, during the moving into Motueka house process, and they’ve ended up here, under this perfectly textured ’70s lamp.

Been toying with the idea of casting some in bronze…


The Mushroom Hunters

Beautifully clearsighted vision from Neil Gaiman imagining the first scientists gathering ‘shrooms whilst wearing their babies. Lovely slowgentle reading by Amanda Palmer. They have a 19 month old child, Anthony.

first Thorp street mandala


mandala 22-04-17 by Nick Duval-Smith