Whanganui River to Face Charges

by Nick Duval-Smith

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Can of Worms, Opened

The Whanganui River has been charged with Property Damage and Breaking and Entering, after illegally entering over 200 properties in the city on Saturday, and has been summoned to appear in the Whanganui District Court. The river has appeared in this court once before, in an unannounced visit last weekend. The case is being watched closely by legal scholars around the world, as the Whanganui River is the only river in the world to have been granted legal personhood, and therefore the only river that can be charged with a civil or criminal offence.

The idea of granting rivers legal personhood is based on the widespread practice of granting legal personhood to corporations. Corporations across the Legalese-speaking world have been recognised as persons for many years, and the US State of Texas has executed 7 corporations in the last year alone. The last river in New Zealand to be put…

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